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Aerial Capabilities

4K Photo & Video

  • Look sharp! Drone shoots 4K videos and 12.4MP still images using a FOV 94° 20 mm lens

  • Provide immediate input with real-time Wi-Fi streaming features, giving you a first-person view of the drone’s movements

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Drones are a farmer’s friend in more ways than one:

  • Monitor your fields at a low-cost and with no effects on the surrounding areas

  • Survey the farms for drainage or irrigation problems, diseases affecting plants, and growth rate of the crops

  • Check the soil quality

  • Efficient way of crop scouting, precision crop monitoring, and spotting hydration issues

  • Quick, easy travel to fields

( Click image to see aerial Agriculture portfolio )


The use of drones and sensors can expedite work by significantly increasing efficiency. Save money and reduce liability exposure from having humans out of harms way.

Efficient and easy inspection of:

  • Measure and report progress.

  • Oil pipelines,

  • Maintenance inspections

  • Road construction

  • Infrastructure projects. 

( Click image to see Engineering portfolio )

Drone real estate agriculure dubuque photography videography pictures videos


- Journalism is way more affordable when done with drones, compared to hiring expensive cameras or perhaps an actual helicopter.

- Drones offer various perspectives into a recorded event which people tend to miss out with a naked eye.



New easier, safer way to achieve a cinematic shot while flying: Active Track & Follow Me

  • Follows a chosen subject throughout the shot, whether you are walking along a trail, driving a car, swimming etc. 

  • Intelligently tracking the subject, the drone will use its vision and sensing systems to maintain safe flight, letting users focus more on getting the right shot.

Drone real estate agriculure dubuque photography videography pictures videos

Birds Eye View

A unique view looking directly beneath the drone. Photo and video shots work well with subjects and landscapes. 


From the roof to your lawn, the vivid images come to life and provide a much more dynamic experience over a photo taken at ground level. Don't overlook the buzz aerial images can bring to a listing. Drones are new, trendy and they can raise an agent's profile. 

  • Budget-friendly aerial photography

  • Use aerial image/video for home and building inspections and marketing materials to assist the selling process. ​

  • More personal view of home and location

  • Virtual tour of the neighborhood/town

( Click image to see Real Estate portfolio )


Safety/Inspections (scaffold, roof, chimney, siding etc)

Drones are a safe way of inspecting areas which are otherwise difficult or dangerous to access. Construction project and building managers bring in drones for aerial assessment of roofing, site layout, and use  images to construct 3D models of projects. 

Efficient and easy inspection of:

  • ​Measure and report progress

  • Identify weaknesses in a building

  • Pipelines

  • Power lines

  • Railways

  • Cell towers

  • Solar panels

  • Windmills/wind turbines

  • Critical infrastructure

( Click image to see inspection portfolio )

Drone real estate agriculure dubuque photography videography pictures videos

Capture your wedding day, birthday party, work event, graduation and more from an aerial point of view!


( Click image to see Events portfolio )


Videos are effective in engaging with the audience, so marketers are producing more commercials. But the more commercials they produce, the harder it is for a video to stand out. 

- Curb the costs of traditional aerial filming, and create personal and innovative video content. Increase interactivity with your clients as they are able to travel along a aerial journey.


Take your next adventure a little higher!

Capture a drone selfie, engage the "Follow Me" mode or have the drone orbit a subject to showcase any adventure of your choice!

( Click image to see more adventure media )



Capture an aerial view of: 

  • Baseball

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Tennis

  • Soccer

  • Swimming

  • Hockey

  • Fishing

  • Golf

  • Track & Field

  • Skateboard/Longboard

(Click image to see more sport media)

Drone real estate agriculure dubuque photography videography pictures videos
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